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Ok, so I laughed the first time a paddling buddy showed me a Theracane. But after the third day of paddling, I secretly tried the Theracane, came home and declared I wanted one for my birthday. Since then it has become an integral part of any paddling trip. During paddling and ski season I use it daily to loosen up my shoulders.

So yes, you can expect to get snickers from your friends too... until they try it, then good luck getting it back from them.

Paul Mason

Cartoonist, canoeist and little kid in the bow 

of the canoe in the "Path of the Paddle" films and book.

Je voulais te dire à quel point j’adore ma Théracane que j’utiliser tous les jours. Mon dos se porte mieux, mon cou aussi et mes mains aussi.

Carole Trottier

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