Ok, so I laughed the first time a paddling buddy showed me a Theracane. But after the third day of paddling, I secretly tried the Theracane, came home and declared I wanted one for my birthday. Since then it has become an integral part of any paddling trip. During paddling and ski season I use it daily to loosen up my shoulders.

So yes, you can expect to get snickers from your friends too... until they try it, then good luck getting it back from them.

Paul Mason

Cartoonist, canoeist and little kid in the bow 

of the canoe in the "Path of the Paddle" films and book.

"I travel with my Theracane because it is always available to work out my knots.

The only flaw with the theracane is that it will sink!"

Eli Helbert

The Canoe Guru, winner of a ton of rodeo competitions and awesome canoe instructor.

"Have you had a long day of paddling and none of your boating buddies are willing to give you that well earned massage? Just grab your Theracane and start pickin' and a grinnin' like I do".

Craig Smerda

Accomplished freestyle, creeker, river runner and OC-1 paddler. Designer of the Esquif L'Edge solo whitewater canoe.

"The Theracane arrived last Thursday, and I honestly don't know how I've lived so long without it. After 30 years of playing Rugby in the front row, my neck and shoulders have suffered incredible abuse.  I saw you using the Theracane when we stayed at Louie's on my first ALF (Ain't Louiefest) and didn't fully appreciate the usefulness of this tool."

Geoff Kee,

Durable paddler and genuine tough guy.


A completely unsolicited email conversation with a theracane customer that we do not know and have never previously corresponded with. I just had to post this, it’s so convincing.

“You guys are amazing! I have slept with mine for the first 3 nights now. Im a very strong man as well but have been debilitated by back stiffness for 40 years. No one can get my knots out....but this thing can do more than any professional ever has in only 3 days! Its intense. When I press on some of the knots...my head and sometimes entire body feel like they are in another world. Im ordering another!
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    5 days ago     Hey, great testimonial. Could I paste this text onto our web page?
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    5 days ago    Absolutely  an advocate for this product in any way shape or form. Thera-cane can relieve stress and pressure in anyone willing to give it an honest try.

Heard a great story this week.

A postal employee at a main distribution building in Ottawa kept seeing our Theracanes come through the mail. She decided she wanted one but did not have the our website or product name. The Theracanes had continued on their journey. She was out of luck. For several weeks she kept an eye out for anyTheracanes coming through on her shift. She was starting to get desperate when finally she saw one in the mail room. She called us right away! She even bought a few extras as Christmas presents.